Thigh Exercises For Women

If you are a woman then you know how important it is to have shapely thighs and this can best be done with thigh exercises. Not only is this an important fitness goal but it is considered quite feminine. Especially when you factor in the idea of having the right ratio of waist size to hip size into the equation. The great part of all of this is that you can do thigh toning exercises in the comforts of your own home with no equipment and results as fast as 30 – 45 days. By understanding which exercises to perform you won’t need to invest in any of those hip and thigh exercise equipment gadgets. You can make this even more effective by combining these exercises with the proper diet and aerobic exercise. This article will focus on thigh exercises and how best to perform them.

How To Start

As just mentioned you can get better results from all of this by making sure you combine the thigh exercises with the appropriate diet and aerobic exercises. I have listed three of what many health professionals consider to be effective exercises for toning the thighs.

Because this is a beginner to intermediate set of exercises the idea is to start off gradually and build up from there. This means start off doing 15-20 repetitions and just one set. Over time we will gradually move this to two sets as your conditioning and fitness allow. Once you have reached that level of exercise you may want to seek out a competent personal trainer to create an even more custom workout program. If you have any current medical ailments or injuries make sure you consult with the appropriate medical professional before starting.

Front Thigh Exercise

Exercise #1 – Wall Squat
1) Stand with your upper back against a wall. Do this with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing slightly outward. You want to make sure you distribute your weight between both of your feet equally. Once you have done this then lean back on the wall.
2) Inhale and make sure you keep your heels on the floor at all times. Then lower slowly into a squat position while you slide down the wall.
3) Exhale and at the same time slowly straighten your legs. At the same time remember to keep your chest and head up and return to the starting position. This constitutes one repetition.

Inner Thigh Stretch

Exercise #2 Seated Split Stretch
1) Sit down on the floor (i.e. exercise mat) and slowly spread your legs as far as you reasonably can.
2) Now slowly lean over to your right side and attempt to touch your toes. When you have gotten as far as you can comfortably rest your hands on your ankle or your toes.
3) Maintain this for 30 seconds. This constitutes one repetition.

Outer Thigh And Rear Thigh Exercise

Exercise #3 Seated Hip Twist
1) Sit down on the floor (i.e. exercise mat) and extend your legs out in front of your body.
2) Slowly bend your right knee while at the same time placing your right foot over your left leg. Now wrap your arms around the knee of your right leg ad slowly pull it in the direction of your left shoulder.
3) Maintain this for 30 seconds. Repeat the steps for the other side of your body. This constitutes one repetition.

This article has briefly touched on three thigh exercises you can immediately use to start toning your thighs today. This includes performing exercises that hit the front, inner,outer and rear thigh muscles. These exercises include the wall squat, seated split stretch and a seated hip twist. It was mentioned that for best results from these thigh exercises you should also look at utilizing a proper diet and aerobic exercise at the same time.