A Natural Eye Moisturizer is the Only Way to Get Beautiful Eyes Once More

Are you fed up and frustrated with those inferior so-called natural eye moisturizer. Tired of the unscrupulous eye cream manufacturers with their high priced products that do not deliver on their promise?

Do not despair, I know exactly how you feel. You wake each day with the dreaded thought of looking in the mirror only to see those baggy, tired looking eyes or you might be experiencing dark circles and wrinkles whichever it is, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.   You want to create a good first impression since your eyes are the first thing people notice about you when you meet.
I had been suffering from dark circles and wrinkles underneath my eyes and knew I needed to find a natural eye moisturizer and fast.    I was tired of those products that contained those harmful ingredients that could literally cause my problem to get worse just because these manufacturers did not care what they put in their products, as long as they could sell them and make a quick buck.
Some harmful ingredients to stay away from when looking to purchase an eye gel are: Parabens, Fragrances, Mineral Oil, Dioxane, some Alcohols, Acrylamide, Nitrosamines, Padimate-O and Phenol carbolic acid. Try avoid purchasing any product that contain these harmful ingredients.
When I realized how harmful some of these ingredients were I got really scared of purchasing any more of these high-priced name brand products and decided to do some research on my own.   What I discovered was astounding. An eye gel being manufactured by a New Zealand company had the right mix of the most natural, active ingredients that I had ever seen being used in any products, I then did some research on the ingredients they used and true to their word, they were great. I have been using this product for several months and I must say so far I am pleased with the results. I know with a couple more months I will be looking the way I have wanted to for a long time.
Let me tell you a little about some of the ingredients they use and what you should be looking for in any natural eye moisturizer you purchase.
Eyeliss: This is one of the powerful ingredients that have been used for many years by those Hollywood stars and other celebrities. It was kept a secret from the regular consumers until this company formulated it and began using it in their product. It has a dramatic effect in reducing bags under the eyes and smoothing out wrinkles.
Haloxyl: Has also been proven in clinical studies to reduce eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. 
Homeo Age: A powerful anti-aging ingredient derived from a brown algae. Rich in Vitamins and minerals and proven to significantly reduce eye wrinkles.
Babassu: A natural emollient that softens the skin around the eyes, without excessive oil.
Natural Vitamin E and Active Manuka Honey: These help to put new life into the skin underneath your eyes.
Along with these ingredients they have also included Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10, powerful antioxidants that will help to rejuvenate you eyes and give it back firmness and elasticity and help your body to produce collagen and elastin to a higher level making your bags, dark circles and wrinkles underneath your eyes diminish.
To get rid of your wrinkles, dark circles and bags you need to use the latest and best ingredients and technology that science can offer and all of these are in the best natural eye moisturizer available today.
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Stomach Fat Exercise – 7 Exercises You Must Stay Away From If You Want to Lose Stomach Fat

The exercises we are going to briefly talk about today are very popular amongst workout experts but they can actually be harmful to your body. Not only are they harmful, these exercises are completely useless when it comes to losing stomach fat. The exercises mentioned in this article will do 1 or more of the following things: 1. They will wind up your joints to an unsafe position. 2. They will create muscle imbalances in your body. 3. They have zero functional benefit whatsoever.

1. The first exercise were going to talk about are “Leg Presses”.

Your quads are usually much stronger than your hamstrings, but when your quadriceps are overpowered in a deep knee flexion, knee injury could result because of the high level of torsion directed into the meniscus.

2. The second on the list is “Leg Extensions”

Once again since your quads are usually more firm and stronger than your hamstrings, this creates a big problem because your quads and glutes need to be used effectively as a pair.

3. Third on the list is “Machine Leg Curls”.

This exercise puts increased pressure behind the knee because of the force directly placed on the hamstring.

4. Fourth on our list of harmful exercises are the “Bicep Preacher Curls”

This exercise can potentially lead to tendonitis and tears in your body because of the imbalance it creates between your pecs and shoulder blades. Risk of injury could also result because of the excessive weight you put on the bundle of nerves that controls your arms also called the brachial plexus.

5. Now let’s talk about “Smith Machine Squats”

Let’s look at this exercise from a muscle balance perspective. Since your hamstrings are used as a part of this exercise, that makes them quad dominant. It will be very difficult to work on your glutes when the weight is directed somewhere else other than your spine. We need glute support to strengthen our core, and speed up stomach fat loss.

6. Number 6 on our list is “Overhead Tricep Extensions Using Dumbbells”

This exercise can cause great tension on the triceps and lead to shoulder impingement and more serious injuries. Bad idea, wouldn’t you say?

7. Last on our list is “External Rotation with a Dumbbell in a Standing Position”

This type of exercise only adds to the muscle imbalance because it works your brachioradialis against gravity and this can also slow down your progress towards weight loss.

The list here is short and to the point but these facts and others are discussed in complete detail at the official website. As you can tell by this article, not all exercises were created equally for our own good. But it turns out, there are exercises you can do to get more than double the effect of most fitness programs.

Why Your Diet Failed

Some diets succeed. Some diets fail. Some diets that succeed for one person will fail another. The key to being in the first category is recognizing why you’re diet has failed, and finding out what to do about it.

Some people get lucky, and end up on a diet that works for them first time, but most people either struggle through a difficult diet or give up after a few miserable months of gaining weight.

There are three main reasons why diets fail, and to make dieting as easy as possible, you’ll have to overcome all of them.

Top reason without a doubt is hunger.

Many diets are too restrictive, limiting calories and limited what you can eat. The inevitable result is eating food that isn’t allowed on your diet plan and is high in calories.

For example, the hardest phase of the South Beach Diet is right at the start, where you’re allowed to eat little more than meat and fish.

The same is true with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. Now I do recommend the use of these cookies as a diet supplement to help fight off hunger but the main diet plan restricts you to 800 calories a day. It’s almost impossible to stick to.

You won’t want to hear it, but exercise is vital.

Reason number two is that many people don’t want to exercise. Before you pass out, remember that exercise doesn’t have to mean marathon training with Paula Radcliff or cycling 100miles, chasing Lance Armstrong.

Take your dog for a walk, get off the subway a stop early, walk to the café at lunch instead of getting it delivered.

After a few weeks, your body will become accustomed to the extra work, and the majority of people actually find themselves wanting to do more exercise. If you do enough to cause your body to release lots of endorphin, exercise can actually become addictive.

Final reason is patience.

If you expect your diet to get your BMI to 20 in less than a month then think again, and if you want to be ripped off by a ‘miracle diet’ then go ahead.

Just stick at your diet and give it time. You won’t finish your diet any faster than your plan tells you, but you will start changing immediately. The most rewarding part will occur just a few weeks after you start when people start asking if you’ve lost weight.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes And The Effect Of Alcohol

Alcoholism is one of the most serious health problems in the United States, affecting about 10 percent of the adult population. Alcoholism leads to a decreased life expectancy and a major increase in overall morbidity, or sickness. Some of those effects can be heart disease and hypoglycemia, which can lead onto full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Alcohol is a chemical… why is it called that? Because when taken in excess it does major damage to your body… it even wrecks the liver which means the possibility of bleeding, even death.

When an alcoholic drinks, there is only so much their body can process. The leftover alcohol makes its way into the bloodstream, organs, and tissue. Since alcohol has a high sugar and caloric content without any particular nutritional value, this is bad news for the person who has been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic.

While diabetes, or out-of-control high blood sugar, attacks major organs including the brain, so does alcohol. Both have roughly the same devastating effect on many areas of the body:

  • both end up in the bloodstream, and
  • both carry many of the same residual medical complications.

Diabetes and alcoholism also carry another high probability: they both significantly shorten your life if they are not taken seriously and dealt with. If either of these conditions doesn’t trim your mortality they can easily extend into other conditions that will.

A major issue with alcoholism is these individuals will neglect their diet in favor of drinking. Alcohol takes root and becomes more important than planning out the proper meals. In fact, many will skip meals entirely. This is why malnutrition is often associated with alcoholism. Improper meal planning, or forgoing them altogether, is not good for anyone…especially anyone diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Another issue with alcoholism is the negative effects it can have on medication: more specifically, diabetic medication. When diabetics take any type of medication for their condition… even insulin… they jeopardize the lowering of their blood sugar. Since alcohol lowers blood sugar levels, it can either alter the effects of the medication or eliminate them completely.

If you’re an alcoholic who suffers from diabetes, you have a severely compromised health profile. The consequences of alcoholism coupled with the consequence of Type 2 diabetes, which can include:

  • atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries,
  • diabetic neuropathy,
  • diabetic retinopathy, and
  • kidney disease,

are dire.

It may not come as a surprise to hear doctors and dietitians recommend the same kind of diet for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and alcoholics to help control both conditions.

They stress:

  • all simple sugars,
  • fruit juice,
  • dried fruit, and
  • low fiber fruits

be eliminated from your diet, along with processed carbohydrates like white flour and white rice.

They also recommend you increase your consumption of:

  • whole grains,
  • vegetables,
  • beans, and
  • other complex carbohydrates.

Regular exercise also does it’s part to burn fat, improve your metabolism and keep your body fit.

It has been shown a moderate amount, which is one or two glasses of wine a day, may reduce the risk of heart attack. If you do drink alcohol you must account for it in your diet because it contains calories (kilojoules).