Stomach Fat Exercise – 7 Exercises You Must Stay Away From If You Want to Lose Stomach Fat

The exercises we are going to briefly talk about today are very popular amongst workout experts but they can actually be harmful to your body. Not only are they harmful, these exercises are completely useless when it comes to losing stomach fat. The exercises mentioned in this article will do 1 or more of the following things: 1. They will wind up your joints to an unsafe position. 2. They will create muscle imbalances in your body. 3. They have zero functional benefit whatsoever.

1. The first exercise were going to talk about are “Leg Presses”.

Your quads are usually much stronger than your hamstrings, but when your quadriceps are overpowered in a deep knee flexion, knee injury could result because of the high level of torsion directed into the meniscus.

2. The second on the list is “Leg Extensions”

Once again since your quads are usually more firm and stronger than your hamstrings, this creates a big problem because your quads and glutes need to be used effectively as a pair.

3. Third on the list is “Machine Leg Curls”.

This exercise puts increased pressure behind the knee because of the force directly placed on the hamstring.

4. Fourth on our list of harmful exercises are the “Bicep Preacher Curls”

This exercise can potentially lead to tendonitis and tears in your body because of the imbalance it creates between your pecs and shoulder blades. Risk of injury could also result because of the excessive weight you put on the bundle of nerves that controls your arms also called the brachial plexus.

5. Now let’s talk about “Smith Machine Squats”

Let’s look at this exercise from a muscle balance perspective. Since your hamstrings are used as a part of this exercise, that makes them quad dominant. It will be very difficult to work on your glutes when the weight is directed somewhere else other than your spine. We need glute support to strengthen our core, and speed up stomach fat loss.

6. Number 6 on our list is “Overhead Tricep Extensions Using Dumbbells”

This exercise can cause great tension on the triceps and lead to shoulder impingement and more serious injuries. Bad idea, wouldn’t you say?

7. Last on our list is “External Rotation with a Dumbbell in a Standing Position”

This type of exercise only adds to the muscle imbalance because it works your brachioradialis against gravity and this can also slow down your progress towards weight loss.

The list here is short and to the point but these facts and others are discussed in complete detail at the official website. As you can tell by this article, not all exercises were created equally for our own good. But it turns out, there are exercises you can do to get more than double the effect of most fitness programs.