Skin Beauty! Get Gorgeous Skin Using Scrubs!

Using the correct skin care products and a daily facial cleansing routine you can obtain skin beauty. A lot of people avoid using exfoliator scrubs, and they play a very important part in the success of great skin. Here’s why, they are used to remove dead skin cells, refine pores, stimulate cell renewal, nourish the skin and improve blood circulation… pretty useful right? Indeed.

Depending on your own skin type depends on how often you should use exfoliators. If you have a oily blemished skin type you will be able to a scrub several times a week. If your skin is fine and dry then use a gentle scrub once a fortnight only.

Bee aware that areas with obvious veins and broken capillaries should avoid using harsh scrubs as they can worsen the condition. Here’s two scrubs to help get you started.

Almond Scrub:

Great for all skin types, gentle to use and the almond is very fine. (Be aware that some people are allergic to nuts, if this is the case substitute the almond use with another oil such as olive and the almonds with e.g. sesame seeds)


2 teaspoons almond oil

1 tablespoon of finely blanched almonds

1 drop of basil or lemon oil

purified water

1 teaspoon of cider vinegar

Mix the ingredients into a paste with the water. Massage gently into the skin. Rinse off with luke warm water (not hot or cold) and then pat your skin dry.

Yog “n” Yeast Scrub:

Yeast is fantastic for stimulating circulation and bringing blood to the surface of our skin. Be very careful when using this scrub to not over stimulate the cheeks where the capillaries are near the surface and very delicate.

Yoghurt is great for balancing the pH, almond meal softens and exfoliates, honey is a deep cleanser, hydrates the skin and is a natural antiseptic and lavender is calming.


1 tablespoon yoghurt

2 teaspoons almond meal

1 teaspoon brewer’s yeast

1 teaspoon runny honey

2 drops lavender

Mix the ingredients and then gently massage into the skin. Rinse off with luke warm water and pat dry.

With the use of scrubs your skin will definitely improve. Using natural homemade scrubs is not only helping to avoid harsh chemicals and fillers but is also a much cheaper option by just using common household ingredients. We have access to a huge array of produce and food just waiting for us to make use of in order to obtain skin beauty.

Life After Addiction – Regaining a Sense of Self-Worth

It wasn’t until many years into my recovery that I began to understand even the simplest truth of what a sense of self-worth meant, and I began to see myself as a worthy person. Throughout my life before, during, and for some years after my active alcohol and drug addiction, I had no sense of either ‘self’ or ‘worthiness’ and thus I had little understanding of boundaries.

Even years into recovery my perception of my own self-worth was completely based on external factors – the acceptance of others, working hard, and playing hard. My sense of self worthiness was fully dependent upon whether others liked me and/or gave me recognition for doing what I thought they wanted me to do to get their approval. As a result I had absolutely no sense of who I was at my core – my authentic self. At that time of my life I would have crawled over crushed glass for this external recognition. I was a people pleaser, a phony, and a fraud, and much of the time I didn’t even know it. This was as cunning, baffling, and powerful as was the alcohol and drug addiction. In the final years that this played out, my life was truly “restless, irritable, and discontent.” I so desperately wanted to belong, to be accepted, and to be loved and appreciated.

Today life has come full circle for me. I live most of my days “happy, joyous, and free” – the exact opposite of how I used to live. Today I understand, respect, and honour the boundaries of others, as well as my own. This transformation was the result of consciously working to apply spiritual principles to my life.

In my professional life working with addicts, I learned to deeply respect the wisdom of the original writings and practices of 12 Step programs, and the recognition of alcoholism as both an illness, as well as a spiritual or moral dilemma. The writers knew from personal experience that the illness of chemical addiction is a spiritual malady that requires a complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs, and a spiritual path of recovery. In their writings they referred to the need to establish the practice of integrating a set of spiritual principles into the addict’s daily living.

Deflation of ego was necessary – not elimination, but deflation of the destructive, needy ego of the addict. This process of surrender and letting go of self-will allows for the acceptance of a power greater than oneself and the establishment of a sense of self worthiness. This is done by working on aspects of our selves such as honesty, faith, courage, and integrity, in order to heal one’s spirit.

These spiritual principles are so critical to the addicts’ full recovery that Bill Wilson, one of the two co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, referred to them many times in his various writings. On page 42, in the chapter three titled “More About Alcoholism,” in the basic text of AA, often called the Big Book, Bill writes: “Quite as important was the discovery that spiritual principles would solve all my problems.”

Why did Bill calls these spiritual principles and not refer to them as “virtues or values” like the rest of the world does? I believe it was because he fully understood that their absence, common to all alcoholics, injures the presence of spirit within. Addiction is the only progressive, dynamic, incurable, and terminal illness that has this capacity to so negatively impact the human spirit. So Bill called them spiritual principles for he knew that full recovery was not possible without the establishment or reestablishment of these virtues and values in the life of the addict, and as well as each of their family members. Without that there is no deepening sense of self worthiness, surrender, acceptance, and healing of the spirit. Indeed, I believe this is one of the most profound insights into the successful treatment of all alcohol and drug addictions.

Over the years, I have done my best to incorporate spiritual principles in my daily life and I describe that journey in my book, An Act of Surrender. Even with 38 years of recovery I continue to consciously work with spiritual principles-perhaps more now than ever before because I have come to appreciate the tremendous value that practice holds. As I have learned to honour and respect myself, my life truly has become more happy, joyous, and free!

The Solution To Overcoming Addiction

Many people start to use drugs as a short term fix emotional and personal distresses. Substances such as drugs and alcohol might offer a momentary solution, but they can not fully resolved problems. Furthermore, they can cause irreparable complications in the long run. When these coping mechanisms turn into addiction and dependency, quitting is very difficult. However, there is an ultimate solution that can help you in overcoming addiction.

Introducing hypnosis induced therapy

The field of medicine has long been recognized the cogency of hypnosis as a method for facilitating therapy. Hypnotherapy, as what it is called, has been utilized as an effective alternative to sedate patients about to undergo minor surgeries. But its benefits does not stop there, with so much potential, it has found application to both medical and non-medical uses, mainly having to do with altering behaviors and moods.

How hypnotherapy works

The key to understanding how hypnosis works is through the understanding how the mind works. The human mind consists of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious, each of which have different functions. The former involves logic, reasoning and voluntary actions; while the latter involves, imagination, creativity, emotions, memory, and involuntary body movements.

When hypnosis is induced, the agitated conscious mind is relaxed, allowing the subconscious mind to peer through. This affords the patient remarkable focus and sense of awareness to what is happening around him/her. When this state is reached, the therapists can effectively impress suggestions that will be perceived as the truth. You can imagine how suggestions during hypnosis are able make a patient numb to tooth extraction.

Hypnotherapy as a means to overcome addiction

Addiction is a complicated condition which is caused by psychological and environmental factors. Although many experts maintains that genetics is involved, recent studies suggest that traumas and overwhelming stress have higher percentage to be culprits for the formation of addiction. Hypnotherapy can help through digging deep into the subconscious, finding the causes of addiction, and providing resolution to them. With the causes out of the way, the addiction dies a natural death.


One important process in overcoming addiction is detoxification. It is during this stage, that the horrible withdrawal symptoms surface. Since hypnosis can give the mind suggestions, which it is able to perceive to be true; at the suggestions of the hypnotherapist, the pain and distress associated with withdrawal symptoms are effectively subdued.

Hypnotherapy has consistently proven itself to provide an effective solution to overcoming addiction. If you or a person you know is suffering from substance addiction and dependency, make sure to contact the nearest treatment facility that offers this program.

Thigh Exercises For Women

If you are a woman then you know how important it is to have shapely thighs and this can best be done with thigh exercises. Not only is this an important fitness goal but it is considered quite feminine. Especially when you factor in the idea of having the right ratio of waist size to hip size into the equation. The great part of all of this is that you can do thigh toning exercises in the comforts of your own home with no equipment and results as fast as 30 – 45 days. By understanding which exercises to perform you won’t need to invest in any of those hip and thigh exercise equipment gadgets. You can make this even more effective by combining these exercises with the proper diet and aerobic exercise. This article will focus on thigh exercises and how best to perform them.

How To Start

As just mentioned you can get better results from all of this by making sure you combine the thigh exercises with the appropriate diet and aerobic exercises. I have listed three of what many health professionals consider to be effective exercises for toning the thighs.

Because this is a beginner to intermediate set of exercises the idea is to start off gradually and build up from there. This means start off doing 15-20 repetitions and just one set. Over time we will gradually move this to two sets as your conditioning and fitness allow. Once you have reached that level of exercise you may want to seek out a competent personal trainer to create an even more custom workout program. If you have any current medical ailments or injuries make sure you consult with the appropriate medical professional before starting.

Front Thigh Exercise

Exercise #1 – Wall Squat
1) Stand with your upper back against a wall. Do this with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing slightly outward. You want to make sure you distribute your weight between both of your feet equally. Once you have done this then lean back on the wall.
2) Inhale and make sure you keep your heels on the floor at all times. Then lower slowly into a squat position while you slide down the wall.
3) Exhale and at the same time slowly straighten your legs. At the same time remember to keep your chest and head up and return to the starting position. This constitutes one repetition.

Inner Thigh Stretch

Exercise #2 Seated Split Stretch
1) Sit down on the floor (i.e. exercise mat) and slowly spread your legs as far as you reasonably can.
2) Now slowly lean over to your right side and attempt to touch your toes. When you have gotten as far as you can comfortably rest your hands on your ankle or your toes.
3) Maintain this for 30 seconds. This constitutes one repetition.

Outer Thigh And Rear Thigh Exercise

Exercise #3 Seated Hip Twist
1) Sit down on the floor (i.e. exercise mat) and extend your legs out in front of your body.
2) Slowly bend your right knee while at the same time placing your right foot over your left leg. Now wrap your arms around the knee of your right leg ad slowly pull it in the direction of your left shoulder.
3) Maintain this for 30 seconds. Repeat the steps for the other side of your body. This constitutes one repetition.

This article has briefly touched on three thigh exercises you can immediately use to start toning your thighs today. This includes performing exercises that hit the front, inner,outer and rear thigh muscles. These exercises include the wall squat, seated split stretch and a seated hip twist. It was mentioned that for best results from these thigh exercises you should also look at utilizing a proper diet and aerobic exercise at the same time.