Skin Beauty! Get Gorgeous Skin Using Scrubs!

Using the correct skin care products and a daily facial cleansing routine you can obtain skin beauty. A lot of people avoid using exfoliator scrubs, and they play a very important part in the success of great skin. Here’s why, they are used to remove dead skin cells, refine pores, stimulate cell renewal, nourish the skin and improve blood circulation… pretty useful right? Indeed.

Depending on your own skin type depends on how often you should use exfoliators. If you have a oily blemished skin type you will be able to a scrub several times a week. If your skin is fine and dry then use a gentle scrub once a fortnight only.

Bee aware that areas with obvious veins and broken capillaries should avoid using harsh scrubs as they can worsen the condition. Here’s two scrubs to help get you started.

Almond Scrub:

Great for all skin types, gentle to use and the almond is very fine. (Be aware that some people are allergic to nuts, if this is the case substitute the almond use with another oil such as olive and the almonds with e.g. sesame seeds)


2 teaspoons almond oil

1 tablespoon of finely blanched almonds

1 drop of basil or lemon oil

purified water

1 teaspoon of cider vinegar

Mix the ingredients into a paste with the water. Massage gently into the skin. Rinse off with luke warm water (not hot or cold) and then pat your skin dry.

Yog “n” Yeast Scrub:

Yeast is fantastic for stimulating circulation and bringing blood to the surface of our skin. Be very careful when using this scrub to not over stimulate the cheeks where the capillaries are near the surface and very delicate.

Yoghurt is great for balancing the pH, almond meal softens and exfoliates, honey is a deep cleanser, hydrates the skin and is a natural antiseptic and lavender is calming.


1 tablespoon yoghurt

2 teaspoons almond meal

1 teaspoon brewer’s yeast

1 teaspoon runny honey

2 drops lavender

Mix the ingredients and then gently massage into the skin. Rinse off with luke warm water and pat dry.

With the use of scrubs your skin will definitely improve. Using natural homemade scrubs is not only helping to avoid harsh chemicals and fillers but is also a much cheaper option by just using common household ingredients. We have access to a huge array of produce and food just waiting for us to make use of in order to obtain skin beauty.

Beauty Supplies Online: What Matters In a Salon Business

If you plan to put up a local salon business, then you’re going to need beauty supplies, right location and staff in order for it to work. Not many people are equipped with the right talent and skill in hair cutting. For people who have no background experience in hair cutting or running a salon business, it would be very difficult for them to run and maintain a salon. Although salons nowadays are considered to be a booming business, it is essential that you have the right supplies, location and enough man power for it to work. Don’t expect customers to visit your salon that doesn’t have complete supplies or located somewhere in a remote dessert or doesn’t have a well-trained staff and stay. Customers want to be pampered and cared for and will expect nothing but great service from you which is why having these three basic essential things could be a determining factor for your business to work or not. There are two ways in which you can purchase salon supplies, you can either purchase them from a local market place, or you can purchase beauty supplies online. Your local market is one place where you can find supplies that are greatly needed for your salon. You can choose for a number of products but before that, you need to take your budget into consideration. Do not over spend in salon supplies and purchase only what you need.

You can also purchase beauty supplies online. You can choose from a myriad of beauty supplies that are available in the internet. Again, do not overspend and since there are many products that you can choose from, you can have the chance to compare and purchase a set that costs lesser than the others. You should also spare a little cash for delivery in which the cost would depend from the distance of where you bought it from. Another factor is the location. Find a place where people always pass by, preferably in a nearby market place. You can entice more customers since it’s easier to locate and marketing strategies will work better when people are able to spot it right away. You shouldn’t also forget about the staff that you need to train and hire. The way your staff handles your customers could be a deciding factor for the success or doom of your business which is why you need to hire someone who has a lot of experience in their pockets.

Running a business is hard but once you grasp the things that are essential, then it will become easier for you. You only need to think about the three essential things that make a salon work such as hair and beauty supplies, right location and well-trained staff. Put up a salon now and get the chance to become successful!